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Robert Carty Links Page
Last Updated 2/23/03

  • Alan Meece's Quasi-Official Robert Carty Website
  • Deep Sky Music: The Music of Robert Carty (The Official Robert Carty Website)

    Who is Robert Carty? He is an unsigned electronic music composer/musician who currently produces what is likely the best ambient space music available anywhere. Well, sort of available -- since Robert makes his releases to order in the form of CD-Rs (these CD-Rs are inexpensive and their packaging looks professional except for the fact that the disc labels and insides of the inserts are printed from a computer printer). That said, however, his music is now available from such distributors as hypnos.com and Groove Unlimited -- despite the fact that Robert Carty does not as yet have a record contract! (Robert used to make his CD-Rs with hand-painted designs on the disc and trays themselves, and then he switched to painting them onto a label and trays, but now that his music is carried by some distributors and demand has increased, he has switched to creating paintings that he photographs and prints onto labels, while leaving the trays unadorned. I guess he feels it is better to spend more time on making music than CD-R packagings, now that more people are obtaining his discs. Probably a good guess!)

    If you are worried that Robert Carty's music is sappy (and/or) New Age, don't be. His is majestic space music along the lines of Jonn Serrie. For those unfamiliar with Serrie, a comparison to perhaps Brian Eno and David Parsons might be helpful, but whereas those artists tend to be ambient without melody (or sometimes even rhythm), Carty almost unfailingly employs melody lines in his music -- much in the way that Richard Burmer does, but in a looser, less hook-oriented fashion.

    Carty's music has things in common with that of Jeff Greinke and Tetsu Inoue, but his is gentler and less alienating, even in the case of his recent quasi-dark ambient works ("Darklight" being the prime example), which, strangely, harken to the bleak yet organic soundscapes of The Nightcrawlers.

    Robert Carty's music doesn't only appeal to the ambient music, space music, and New Age music crowds, either. Tangerine Dream fans tend to like his music, too. For example, such high-profile fans as Lars Jones, Vic Rek, and Steven Feldman all count Robert Carty discs among their CD collections -- and no, it's not because they like TD's Deadly Care, Beyond the Storm, Zoning, Transsiberia, or the Hollywood Years CDs. :)

    Go out of your way to obtain some of Carty's work. A good place to go to find out more about him is Alan Meece's Carty website.

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