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The Greatest Tangerine Dream Fan Who Ever Lived

Peter Grygorcewicz, in Memoriam

April 16, 1955 to August 19, 1989

If anyone was actively seeking Progressive Rock or Electronic Music for their record collections, or just happened to be part of a fan organization related to either field of his interest, eventually they came across Peter.

Peter was active in the recorded music scene for at least 15 years of his short 34 year life. His level of activity was amazing. His personal collection had grown to over 10,000 LP's and 400 cassettes of material by Tangerine Dream. Mind you those cassettes were just a portion of what he really had. His accumulation of printed literature on these subjects alone was staggering. Peter had over 200 correspondents worldwide that he traded with or helped with information. His generosity was refreshing in an age where people are more inclined to ask for a list of trade material before considering to trade. Peter was like me. He was more interested in seeing the information disseminated to fans than seeing it hidden away from the very people that wanted it. Money was not the important item in his life. Hearing the music and helping others obtain it was his main pleasure.

I came to know Peter about one year ago when the Tangerine Dream Fan Club in Germany published a mailing list of its members. Peter instantly wrote to most, if not all, of them just to say hi and hear from others of similar interests. I was one of the respondents. Peter and I would talk for hours on the phone discussing music. When I became involved with Rolf Sonnemann in Germany on the Tangerine Dream Discography, Peter began supplying help and information. It may come as a surprise to people but Peter had a twin brother named Paul. People have thought that Peter operated alone. Paul was rarely heard from due to a lack of time because of his job as an engineer. Still, Paul was his equal in interest and collecting habits.

Peter was a bus driver for the Boston Metro system. He enjoyed the good pay but was tired of the pressure of the city life. He and his brother were planning to build a house away from the city. Alas, that will remain a dream for Peter.

Peter was driving his truck with his brother and nephew as passengers. For some reason he was forced to swerve his truck to avoid hitting another car. The truck hit a side rail or something else and rolled two or three times. While the passengers were belted in, Peter was not. His brother and nephew sustained minor injuries, but Peter sustained a severe head injury that left him brain dead. Later that day they disconnected the life support equipment. Then he died and his organs were donated. I wish a person's hearing could be donated. What a suprise the recipient might get if occasionally they heard the strangest music and no source to account for it.

The large community of people that he had touched in his life came out for a wake on the following Tuesday. Paul told me that day over 600 people attended while he was there. That speaks a lot for the man's friendship and giving. The enthusiasts, fans, relatives, and direct family have truly suffered a tragic loss. I will miss his voice and others will too. Bye Peter, it was a pleasure knowing you.

Matt Hargreaves
Seattle 8/22/89

Note from Elana: I am no less emotionally affected by Peter's passing than so many others that he had put me in contact with around the globe. So I say this: for as long as I am a part of the music, every issue of Dreams Word, every effort I make for Electronic Dreams, all the networking and any work I do which furthers the cause of the music, this from now on I forever dedicate to the memory of Peter Grygorcewicz. It's the best that I can do. Potin Patrice, of Le Vigan, France, said it best for all of us: "Remember! Keep the music living on!"

Taken from pages 4-5 of Dreams Word 6 (Winter 1989-90). Dreams Word was the publication of Electronic Dreams, a late-80's/early-90's electronic music fanzine, published and edited by Elana Beach.

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