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Hi. Steve Feldman, here (a/k/a "Molasar"). The main reason for this page's existence is to provide a spot to make known my search for the 1984 LP release of Tangerine Dream's soundtrack to the Paramount Pictures Michael Mann film, THE KEEP.

If you have a copy of this soundtrack album, I am willing to make a cash offer for it, but if you are not willing to sell it, I will pay you for a (DAT) tape or CD-R of it along with photocopies of the front and back covers. The same goes for copies of the 1984 cassette tape, if you have the tape instead of the album -- or an 8-track tape or CD, if either of these exist.

There are those who say that this album never, in fact, came out -- that I am chasing a phantom -- but I saw the album the day it came out at my local record store and held it in my hands. I didn't have the money to buy it that day, however, and have never seen a copy since. So far, four other people on the Internet have told me a similar story. Three of these saw the album, while one saw the tape.

So, why is this page called "Molasar's Homepage"? Well, "Molasar" is the name of the bad guy in THE KEEP, while the good guy (played by Scott Glenn) is named "Glaeken Trismegestus." For those who have seen the film but not read the book, it is all too easy to miss the short piece of dialog in which Dr. Cuza appears in the ground level of the keep with the talisman in hand, only to be admonished by his daughter, Eva. Verbatim, she says, "It [i.e. the talisman] belongs to Glaeken Trismegestus, not Molasar." Unfortunately, these two characters are nowhere else so designated in the rest of the film.

For some insight as to why Michael Mann's filmed version of The Keep seems to be so inscrutable, click here for an index to eight articles on the film, including lengthy interviews from Fantastic Films: The Magazine of Imaginative Media #38 and Film Comment (November/December 1983), some highly relevant quotes from Starburst #58 (June 1983), and some mighty nifty photographs.

I've read the series of six books by medical doctor and author F. Paul Wilson that started with THE KEEP: The Keep, The Tomb, The Touch, Reborn, Reprisal, and Night World, and -- oddly -- Glaeken was never given a last name as such in the books, which are known collectively as The Adversary Cycle. Molasar's name isn't really Molasar, by the way, but I don't want to explain why because it could ruin some of the fun for folks who want to read the books. I heartily recommend reading the first book in the series (but after that, things get looser and drag on for quite a bit). The book stands on its own pretty well, so it's no biggie if you never read the sequels (although, admittedly, some of the final book is a real rush).

Regular Ending
B & W still - from Regular Ending

There are at least three versions of the film THE KEEP. The most common one is that which is available on videotape, laserdisk, and premium cablecasts, but regular broadcast TV and non-premium cable broadcasts add about 3-and-a-half minutes to the end. In the more commonly reported ending, Glaeken floats around in a mist for awhile, Eva goes back into the keep and down where the energy pylons are, finds Glaeken lying on the ground, he comes back to life, and we see Glaeken and Eva reflected in a pool of water (visible at the bottom of the 1st two pics below) -- indicating that since Glaeken now has a reflection, he has become human.

Long Ending
from color magazine cover - STARBURST #58
Long Ending
from French magazine - l'Ecran Fantastique nr.45
Long Ending
color still - from Long Ending
Long Ending
B and W still - from Long Ending

In the less commonly reported ending, Eva does not turn back to the keep, but Glaeken does, retrieves Molasar's motionless body and then carries him down into the bottom of the keep. Accompanying these two versions of the film is three and a half minutes more of Tangerine Dream music (the same three and a half minutes is in both of the broadcast TV versions), and it is the best stuff in the film. Basically, it is the end tune, but there is a hard, nasty middle segment and a terrific interlude before the end. [A PLEA: If anyone has a videotaped copy of the sequence where Glaeken carries Molasar, please contact me. Also, if anyone has any stills from THE KEEP that I don't have, I am interested. For a list of the stills I already do have -- or if you'd like to view four more KEEP-related images -- click here.]

There seems to be at least one other missing scene from the book which was planned to have been included in the film (where Glaeken is attacked in his boat) until just before its theatrical release, as attested to by the following quote from page 13 of THE KEEP Handbook of Production Information:

The massive H stage at Shepperton, the silent stage, housed a rocky mountain pool beside which Eva finds the smoking body of Glaeken after his final battle with Molasar, the power which dominates the Keep; the wall of the Keep backed by mountain tops on which the battle is fought; the back of the village inn and its garden and the interior of the boat in which Glaeken is travelling to Roumania when he is attacked and nearly killed.
I must add that the quote, "the wall of the Keep backed by mountain tops on which the battle is fought," is intriguing in that it, too, echoes something that was in the book but not the film, but I might just be reading too much into the vague phrasing of the sentence. The rocky mountain pool, however, is no longer a mystery, thanks to the inclusion of a photo of it on the back cover to the Japanese movie program of the film. It is uncertain whether or not this photo comes from an alternate ending of the film that was actually shot -- despite the fact that there is mention made at IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) of an another long ending with which I am unfamiliar:

A strangely edited version that appeared on Channel 39 in Houston, TX around 1989 had a scene where Glenn is telling Magda that it has been so long that he couldn't remember what he looked like anymore. That version ended with Glenn alive at the bottom of the gorge, wounded after his battle with Molasar, crawling to the stream there and seeing his reflection.
If anyone has a videotaped copy of the ending above, please contact me. My e-mail address is And please . . . if you do want to contact me, don't hesitate to do so!

Publicity Shot(?)
color publicity still - of Eva and Glaeken in Keep

Among my other interests are Hong Kong action movies, Japanese animation, the Holographic Paradigm (the notion that the universe is holographic and that reality as we know it is controlled by an agency outside of time and space), and UFO-related subjects. I just wanted to say that in case anyone thought of accusing me of having a one-track mind as regards this KEEP business, heh.

Oh, one more thing: if you'd like to hear the best album that Tangerine Dream has done in the past ten years, check out their terrific 1997 release entitled TimeSquare: Dream Mixes II:
Cover Image which is available from:

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