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Stills from Michael Mann's The Keep Wanted

The following four stills from THE KEEP don't seem to be images that are in the film, per se. If I am wrong, please e-mail me and tell me exactly where the scene with the image occurs. I am especially intrigued by the fourth still, TK-3577, wherein Dr. Cuzar is seen pointing the talisman towards Molasar.

Scott Glenn
Scott Glenn as Glaeken Trismegestus
Alberta Watson
Alberta Watson as Eva Cuzar
Jurgen Prochnow
Jurgen Prochnow as Capt. Klaus Woermann
Ian McKellan
Ian McKellen as Dr. Theodor Cuzar

For color pictures from THE KEEP, so far, I have three lobbycards and eight 8 x 10 color pictures (pictures, not stills; these -- unlike the stills -- are not on glossy stock) from the film that correspond to (the images seen on) the set of eight KEEP lobbycards.

For black & white pictures from THE KEEP, so far, I have the following twelve:

THE BLACK & WHITE KEEP STILLS I HAVE (May 10th, 1999):                   
    TK-438: Glaeken's head and shoulders (wearing a lambskin pullover)   
    TK-865: Woermann with rifle                                          
 TK-COMP-1 is composed of the two half-sized images below:               
   (TK-959: Woermann running out of the keep)                            
   (TK-998: the firing squad assembles the villagers)                    
   TK-1382: medium shot of Eva & Dr. Cuza from regular ending's freeze   
   TK-1844: head shot of Dr. Cuza with a hat on                          
 TK-COMP-5 is composed of the two half-sized images below:               
  (TK-2149: promo shot of Woermann & keep attendant in keep's doorway)   
 (TKC-5347: Dr. Cuza addresses Kampffer as Eva looks on)                 
   TK-2373: torso shot of Alberta Watson in sweater, sitting on bed (is  
            this or is this not from the film with Watson as Eva Cuza?)  
   TK-2520: close-up of Glaeken and Eva                                  
   TK-3004: Eva over Glaeken's smoking body.                             
            [The text reads: Tenderly, Alberta Watson examines what she  
            fears must be the dead body of Scott Glenn which is lying    
            motionless after his final confrontation with a supernatural 
            force in Paramount Pictures' enchanting and horrifying fable,
            "The Keep."]                                                 
   TK-3577: Dr. Cuza points the talisman at Molasar, whose arm is visible
 TK-C-5534: Glaeken with assembled energy rod walks through mist in keep 
            [is this from the ending wherein he carries Molasar?  The    
            caption sheet reads TK-C-5534, but it the numbering on the   
            still itself is TK-C-5531]                                   
 TK-C-5383: Glaeken & Eva in bed, under the covers                       
If anyone has other stills from this film, please contact me at scfeldman@juno.com.

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