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Alien Spirituality: Aliens Akin to Hindu Demi-gods?

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Posted March 6th, 1996:

Whenever the issue of alien abduction arises, naysayers invariably appear to conveniently explain it all away as either sleep paralysis or temporal lobe epilepsy (take your pick), claiming that all abuctions occur at night beginning with the abductee in bed, but this is not so. There may not be as many, but there are certainly cases where fully-awake people are abducted in broad daylight while family members look on helplessly.

That said, the gnawing question is, "What do they want with us?" If abductee testimony is to be believed, the visitors are here to conduct a breeding program to produce human/alien hybrids capable of surviving a pending ecological cataclysm. Varying reports situate their place of origin as being a desert planet, or another dimension, or the Source of Creation itself, yet, in relativistic terms, nothing precludes the possibility that all three are true: for example, they could be secondary emanations (whereas we are tertiary) from the Lifesource, living on a planet in a dimension in close proximity (if not parallel) to ours.

The notion of the visitors' source being another planet is perhaps deceptive, for in the Jewish Kabbalistic sense in several Hindu ideologies, there are said to be seven "spiritual planets," three of which are relatively hellish, three relatively heavenly, and the last, our own. The Hindu ideologues posit an eighth spiritual planet as the abode of the Godhead, from whence all consciousness ultimately sprang and will return, each in its own time, and additionally postulate the existence of demi-gods, mortal beings with prodigious supranormal powers who live for centuries. Could it be that, functionally, our alien visitors have, do, and will serve as demi-gods---in fact, emissaries from a higher power, entrusted if not enlisted to aid us in our times of weakness (which seems to be all the time)?

Many say that the visitors can exist and/or travel outside the space/time continuum, and some claim that they provided the missing link between ape and man. These possibilities are not so outlandish if viewed in the context of the Holographic Paradigm, in which minds are held to be small holograms which process data from the immense hologram that is creation as we know it (and don't know it).

Especially intriguing are the visitors' associations with white light experiences of a divine nature and of their reported interactions with our dead. Several abductees have recounted in positive terms instances in which they encountered deceased relatives when in the company of their abductors.

If nothing else, it seems that the visitors are technologically, mentally, and spiritually more evolved than us, yet the nature of their physicality is a great issue. Why is it that there is so little physical evidence of their existence? Rumored autopsies of alien beings are claimed to contain descriptions of anatomies that have no lungs, stomach, digestive tract, nor anus; and their craft are said to be composed of materials impossibly light for their tensile strength. Could this be because where the visitors come from, life is not normally corporeal? Are they, in essence, energy or spirit(ual) beings which on occasion fashion humanoid bodies for themselves in order to interact with us in ways closer to our understanding? Are their bodies and craft, then types of "ectoplasm," the stuff of which ghosts are made and is said by spiritualists to emanate from a medium's body while in trance?

Most investigators into the abduction phenomenon agree that continual experiences induce a transformative process in experiencers resultant from their coming to grips with the emotional traumas brought on by encountering the unknown in such a paradoxical fashion: what they recall experiencing is not something within their sphere of imagination and yet there is insufficient evidence for them to prove to themselves or anyone else that it is more than imagination. Could it be that the visitors are here to spiritually transform us so that, ultimately, we may help ourselves avoid our own calamities?

---Steven Feldman, March 4, 1996

Written October 6, 1998:

A Provocative Bit of Speculation:

Those unfamiliar with UFO and/or abduction research or literature tend to assume that our "alien" visitors are from other planets (which may be so), but too much data points to the conclusion that their immediate subordinates -- those listlessly mechanical beings known as greys -- originate not from other planets but from "another world" in the spiritual or religious sense. The concensus among the more forward- thinking and candid researchers is that the greys emanate from another dimension. Not "another dimension" in the science fiction sense where there are parallel universes with evil doppelgangers of ourselves jockeying to "break through to our side," but another dimension in the context of super-string theory or at least of baseline physics -- where two points make a line, three points make an image, four points make a solid, and the fifth point, which animates things, is time.

It is said that the greys are able to step outside of the space- time continuum, and recent discoveries in quantum physics (especially the holographic paradigm) support the idea that such a thing is theoretically possible, despite its paradoxical aspects.

Perhaps key to understanding the most commonly reported "alien" entity, the "grey," is that it is essentially a robotic probe engineered by a science wholly unknown to us, a science which is able to fashion temporary physical bodies from quasi-discarnate sources in order that spiritually-evolved higher entities from other dimensions -- and yes, sometime other galaxies -- may observe events through their eyes. It is no accident that the greys' most prominent anatomical feature is their eyes, for it is their eyes which serve their masters' primary purpose: to watch. Indeed, researcher Raymond Fowler has determined that the controlling beings in his five-book study are the "Watchers" spoken of in the Old Testament and Pseudepigraphal works like The Book(s) of Enoch.

For those unfamiliar with the character Jadzia Dax in the television program STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, and instructive analogy can be drawn. Just as Jadzia is a Trill, a sybiotic being trained to sublimate its own wishs to those of a long-living sentient worm named Dax; a grey is a quasi-organic being created for the vicarious experiences of controlling entities, most often "Nordics" or "blonds" (unnaturally tall, serene, human-like beings in white robes who communicate telepathically and can draw people's astral bodies out their gross material bodies at will).

Many correspondences have been noted between the greys and their white-robed masters and the beings Judeo-Christian religious texts refer to as angels or archangels. Most notable are the findings of "thanatoligist" (near-death experience researcher) Kenneth Ring. In his book, THE OMEGA PROJECT, he recounts numerous cases where people recounting NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) report encountering what sound like UFOs, greys, and blondes; and cases where UFO "experiencers" (aka abductees) are introduced to dead relatives by their captors and are taken out of their own bodies to encounter a brilliant white light that the experiencer feels radiated love of a spiritual nature.

The greys are here to carry out the plans of other beings. There are many races employing their services, but the three most commonly reported are what one would crassly refer to as reptile men, praying mantis men, and Nordics. Since the greys are chiefly probes intended for short-term recon missions which serve as their controllers' eyes, ears, and hands, they were created only with those features crucial to carrying out their duty. Their ears and mouths are vestigial since their communication is telepathic, and their limbs are largely devoid of musculature because of a science capable of levitation. Most surprising to those unfamiliar with the greys' nature as probes is their lack of teeth, lungs, a digestive track, and an anus. Basically, they don't breathe and they don't eat. In a way, this is not surprising, due not only to their nature as temporary vehicles, but that their point of origin is a chiefly non-physical (or at least less physical as in "subtle body") realm where entities often exist discarnately moreso than in incarnate form. That flying saucers do no contain restrooms, sleeping quarters, nor kitchens further indicates that due to different needs or a lack thereof, greys are not alive in the same sense that we think of as living.

---Steven Feldman, October 6, 1998

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* a play on words: "UFOria" = "euphoria," in case you didn't catch it.

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